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PDF Settings

Want to make PDFs like the pros, but don't know what settings to use? Just download this file, Pressworks.joboptions (Right click this link and save the file). It contains all the settings for optimal printing. A new preset called Pressworks will appear in the preset menu. Choosing it will configure everything for you. If you are using CS2 or later, just drop the file onto an open Distiller window then restart all your Adobe software for the new preset to appear. If that doesn't work, or if you are using different software, just place the file in the following folder then restart all your software. Still not working? Then give the prepress department a call and we'll get you going.

For the Mac, place the joboption file in this folder:
Boot Drive (this is your main drive on the desktop) / Users / username (this is your username for the mac) / Library / Application Support / Adobe / Adobe PDF / Settings

For the PC, place the joboption file in this folder:
Boot Drive (Usually called C:, the drive with Windows) \ Documents and Settings \ All Users \ Documents \ Adobe PDF \ Settings