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There are several ways you can submit your printing project:

Most customers prefer to e-mail their files. Be sure to stuff or zip your files to speed your upload (see below).

FTP is the best way to send files to us, but some customers are not comfortable with FTP clients. If you prefer this method, below is the information needed to log onto our FTP server. If you need additional help accessing our FTP server, please call.
- Server name:
- User name: pressworks
- password: prePress@1!

Bring it in
We will gladly accept print orders on removable media. Review the Prepress page to learn what types of media we can accept.
We recommend that you call or e-mail your representative with the specifications for your print order if you use the FTP site.

With any submission method we recommend that you use some sort of compression program to lower the number of files to send, to accelerate the upload, and to avoid corruption (especially when using e-mail or working with Macintosh fonts [However, older Mac fonts that are zipped will lose the resourse fork and not work. Stuffing older fonts is best]). If you need help or guidance on compression use please give us a call.